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Candle Care and Safety Tips

Enjoy and make the most of your candle by following the recommended tips below.

  • Trim candle wick to ¼” using wick trimmers for a clean and safe burn (each use)
  • Burn candle for 2-4 hours until the melt pool reaches across the entire vessel for maximum fragrance (each use)
  • Do not burn candle for longer than 4 hours (each use)
  • Burn candle in a ventilated area but keep away from windy spaces
  • Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches, and debris (at all times)
  • Always use a heat resistant surface under the candle
  • Never leave candle unattended.
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Do not blow or use water on candle. Use a candle snuffer to extinguish
  • Allow candle to cool down before touching or moving
  • Store candle in a cool and dry area. Do not expose to direct sunlight or lighting
  • Discontinue use of candle when ½” of wax or less is remaining at the bottom of the vessel
Repurpose your candle vessel and enjoy an amazing piece of home décor!